Témoignage #3

I wasn’t sure about the pictures. Showing part of our privacy to a complete stranger while feeling comfortable seemed to me a bit odd. Anyway, when a woman wants something it is really difficult to resist. Not convinced, not really interested and most and foremost not sure the result would be interesting, I followed my wife and we finally met the photographer, Gianni. To describe him would be difficult, but I guess that honest, simple with a touch of complexity and passionate, would be fair. Eventually the men is like the pictures he takes. He doesn’t look for something that doesn’t exist, but simply helps you to discover yourself through the lens. He progressively adds some level of complexity, respectfully plays with your emotions and involves you in his passion for photography. For a couple of hours, I felt like we were in a different world, while still being there, on his studio. It was like one of these moments that remain in your mind. A moment I shared with my wife, but also with Gianni as a witness. He managed to capture that precise moment when the three of us were connected. I feel like I could write pages about that simple but amazing “ studio photograph” experience. When I look at the pictures I simply smile. I already asked him for another photo session later this year. Another moment to be captured by a real professional.

Emmanuel Streel (Cairo – Egypt)

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