Témoignage #5

“We were absolutely delighted with Gianni's work for our wedding picture session! Before, during and after our wedding, Gianni was always dedicated, creative and super friendly. He even went on an
observation trip the week before our wedding and had tons of ideas when we met to prepare the picture session. Gianni showed a lot of professionalism as he studied wedding poses beforehand, brought
accessories that fit our multi-cultural wedding, and found inventive ways to take advantage of the place (a castle) and to play with the light both indoor (in the chapel, in the staircase) and outdoor (in the alley, under the trees). One key point for us when choosing a photograph was to get along with our photograph, and Gianni's enthusiasm, listening skills and humor made our picture session a very enjoyable experience. Last but not least I want to mention Gianni's patience as he was very forgiving about us showing up late and he adjusted to our hectic schedule perfectly... which made our picture session a smooth and memorable part of our wedding!”

Sylvain et Jianing (New York - USA)

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